As a student I did not particularly excel in exact sciences. I’d have rather interpretive-danced my way through calculus or finger-painted my chemistry textbook. I feel like (and wish) designers Joan Ros Garrofé and Jessica Montes Bonito were my classmates! They created ISOMETRIC and I’m freestylin’ all over its spring-summer 2016 collection from 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

1) Theirs is one of the best designer statements I’ve read in a very long time and I read a bunch of those daily. I’ma post it here as how-to sample for anyone interested in writing an on-point collection description.  It “attempts to describe the topography of the universe, explaining the relationship between form, space and surface. This theory looks to classify any shape as a simpler one, which has the same properties. The collection shows a linear narrative of the process of investigation of the theorem. Tailored fabrics juxtaposed with technical fabrics, in the same way that digital prints with manual embroidery portray the process of scientific creation. The constant dialogue between hands and technology. White as the canvass, starting point of the creative process. Gray as the rational process; trial and error. Solid colors as the result; proof.”

2) It’s all there. What you read is what you see. What you see is what you get. Or really really want to get 🙂 Everything appears and appeals as beautifully laconic (under)statements on garment evolution without coming across experimental, per se. Even the anti-button fasteners look pretty darn good. Sure, the overt deconstruction is nothing new! But before anyone plays the “it’s all been done before!” card… I’d like to take this opportunity to affirm some truths. Two by two is still four. People still use fabrics to (dis)cover their bodies. And Janet is still my favorite Jackson. #NoSleeep

3) As for trial and error… I’m not “buying” the maroon pleather-ish tops but willing to acknowledge the need for more shiny things in menswear. However, socks + sandals = faux pas in my book. It doesn’t matter how many mass market brands, hip designers and legendary maisons send it down their runways (and lately it’s many, too many).

Final grades are in and ISOMETRIC scores at the top of its class.

Your homework? Try this on!


Follow Instagram for Isometric080 Barcelona  and check out my (almost) Zen review of Georgina Vendrell’s collection from 080 BCN!


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