Go Neon Go: Amapô

Bowie + Barbarella + Aerobics + Miami … Given that premise, I admit I had to squint at the runway with one eye closed at the beginning of the latest Amapô presentation during Sao Paulo Fashion Week. This could go so wrong so fast. I braced for a fashion train wreck… Here is a thing: you don’t coin a sensation on a faux pas. Designers Carolina Gold and Pitty Taliani saw their jeanswear startup propel to omfg-must-have status within a decade. I admit luv-luv-loving every fun-tastic look! The pastel/neon lightning bolts, the shoelace belts, the pop art DNA strands and weird-R-us prints… The non-gratuitous see-through parts seem to be genuinely concerned more with ventilation of the wearer than with tantalization of any audience… Dunno if Amapô is Brazil’s best-kept street style secret or I’ve been living under a gawd-damn rock, but now that we’ve met I never want us to part… Go Neon Go! Instagram

P.S. One-off success is a frequent downfall of an urban streetwear brand. I cringed clicking on tabs for previous seasons… Delightfully wrong again, I am! So I’ma just leave these two pics here and encourage you to proceed to Amapô online store to hunt down whatever remains of their current fab-bomb collection. #WishList

Also, check out the minimalist shenanigans by Apartamento 03, 2nh Floor, UMA and  the extraordinary theatrics by Lino Villaventura and the multi-designer couture Botanical Gardens from the 20th anniversary season of Sao Paulo Fashion Week!


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