ONLY LINO: Senhor Villaventura

Not many designers can reference “the repertoire of the brand” as their inspiration for a current collection and get away with it. Lino Villaventura does not need to get away with anything. 30+ years of doing what he loves with complete abandon secured him a place among the fashion vanguard alongside Vivienne Westwood, Walter van Beirendonck, Yohji Yamamoto… To be enshrined into history does not mean to get entombed in the past. The 20th anniversary edition of São Paulo Fashion Week was a great occasion to premier a collection after two-season runway hiatus. The couturier combined his signature pieces from 1990s-on with new designs that were awesome, fearless, amazing, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  … f*ck it, just delight in all the high drama and lowbrow humor and poignant magic right before your eyes! I got nothin’ to say that could possibly make this any of this any more or less extraordinary. The secret formula of true couture: timely = timeless. Viva Villaventura! Instagram

Check out also the minimalist shenanigans by Apartamento 03, 2nh Floor, UMA and the luv-fun-tastic Amapo train wreck (?) & the floral invasion of botanics on the Sao Paulo runways!

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