Continuing the Copenhagen Fashion Week fall-winter 2015 reviews, I simply must applaud the delightfully subversive mainstream aesthetics of Baum und Pferdgarten. The golden lace top nonchalantly thrown over a business casual shirt is not exactly your fashion business as usual. A thorn-studded belt worn under a see-thru top serves as a fair warning. Mind your gaze! Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave are quietly messin’ with normative expectations since 1999. Prints made of rectangular patterns with no sharp edges and square polka dot designs take the masculine edge off pantsuits. The soft-silhouetted dresses are visually refortified with bold architectural prints. The ubiquitous jersey-numbering trend is tamed by getting neatly tucked into a skirt. A girl might tackle 99 problems through the course of any given single day, but lack of style ain’t one of them. The brand “signature is somewhere in between harmony and quirky playfulness”, states their official page. For once, a designer’s PR-GPS positioning is right on point!

P.S. Such creative ethos also brought to my mind the work of KamenskaKononova, a very different design duo whom I reviewed and profiled for Depesha as part of its Ukrainian fashion diplomacy outreach last year.

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