Post-Paris Fashion Manifesto

Here are the basic principles of this project, subject to evolution 😉

  1. Focus on designers and institutions working beyond the Paris, Milan, London and New York industry circuit. There is more to the fashion world than these top four runways so curiosity may follow the elsewhere fashion weeks calendar.
  2. No brand anonymity. As an art form, fashion has creators who deserve due attention. It’s important to engage with personalities, not merely corporate entities.
  3. No brand perpetuity. The idea of a new Dostoyevsky novel or a fresh Picasso painting by someone hired “to reimagine and reinterpret the iconic style for the new generation” would land someplace between mockery and forgery. Once a designer retires, their maison could become a museum, workshop, charity. Leave the ghosts behind. Now belongs to the living. Future requires inspiration and faith.
  4. No camouflage. It’s not stylish, it glamorizes violent death. If anything, fashion should champion efforts to eradicate militarism and its many bedfellows of the –ism and –phobia variety.
  5. No fur.

Contact: alexey.timbul@gmail.com

Alexey Timbul is a writer-artist at the edge of the world on the Canary Islands (Spain)

Gemini Power
Gemini Power

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