All good things come to a start… After two-plus years and 25 editions, #StyleTheBeat will be migrating to its own platform in December 2021. Stay tuned for the change(s). Meanwhile, here is the “last” half-dozen music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next ?! Tell me 🙂

C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso – Ateo

There are stylish music videos and then… there are music videos so damn cool, they require apologies from an archbishop of Spain’s “most gothic” cathedral. Sumptuously styled by Alejandro Turrión and Carla Paucar, this video made headlines and history. As a Russian, I can’t help but think Pussy Riot went to jail for less than this. As a digital nomad, I revel in the freedom on speech. What a strong year C. Tangana had with the viral NPR Tiny Desk concert and now this?! Praise Be to Whomever (!!!)

wewantwraiths – Question Us

Come to think of it, Pussy Riot don’t have the lock on the balaclava looks! The latest music video by “a masked Somali artist from Leicester, East Midlands” serves also as a masterclass in product placement. Dude, you had us at “a baddie in disguise”. However, from the Rolls Royce luxury machinery to Polo Ralph Lauren leisurewear, and the entire emirate of Dubai… this is top shelf production value. FYI, does your local mall have 1.2 million followers on Instagram?! #TheDubaiMall

Bomba Estéreo – Ahora

Another contender for the Single Dress Music Video Hall of Fame, this Colombian entry is co-styled by Valeria Estrada and Canela Tobon. “Estoy aqui ahora” goes the refrain… I am here now. A fitting premise for a life affirming vision of being – at once, out in the big world and at one with one’s life/style choices. It’s hard to pull off a single look narrative, but when your garment is flowy like fresh lava at dawn… You got it.

Måneskin – MAMMAMIA

We were warned. MTV Italia’s Susanna Ausoni told us so! Stylist Nick Cerioni is out to disrupt, and make things right. Måneskin (the 2021 Eurovision winners) are on track to be the competition’s best-selling act of all time. Here they honor ABBA (the 1974 Eurovision winners) and every pulp-fiction/zombie movie ever. Note to self/y’all: a string of pearls around a blood-soaked neck makes any look gender neutral 😉

Tems – Crazy Tings

One of Nigeria’s most skyrocketing-prone artists keeps hitting the hits out of the park … Styled by Dunsin Wright (Tems) and Isabella Abidoye (cast at large), this video is making a solid case for sporting flawless make-up and accessories under the pressure of any volatile situation: at home, at work, or in “the streets”. We hope among the crazy things that are happening… is worldwide domination by Tems. Yep, here for it.

Whitney Houston feat. Clean Bandit – How Will I Know

Whitney Houston” or whoever that is now… posted the video, and I am perplexed. Hand One: leave the gone artists in peace. Hand Two: what a cool way to bring a great artist into another decade… Stylist Karla Miranda took a break from styling Justin Bieber’s latest videos to conjure up the most colorful “office space” you’ve ever set your eyes upon. W.E. Houston & Associates?! Aren’t we all?!

Meanwhile … keep your style heretical, stay tuned, stay styled!

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