All things strive equally for chaos and balance. Here is a half-dozen bullseye music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next ?! Tell me 🙂

Lil Nas X – That’s What I Want

This is a Lil Nas X world, we’re just – happily/gayly – living in it. The artist single-handedly has armwrestled the industry into submission and celebration. Styled by Hodo Musa, this video normalizes pink sports uniforms and wedding gowns for boys. It’s a total-look fantasy we didn’t know we could have … and now that’s what we – f*cking! – want. Life hack: following @lilnasx on Twitter improves your mental health.

Pol Granch – De Colegio

Styled by David Rivas, this late-summer-vibes video answers an important question: “What if Cruella de Vil were a Spanish heartthrob but like, muy más camp?” Whenever I think about my old school crush(es), this will be the soundtrack from now on; even if my colegio experience did not look anywhere near that cool or fun. Meanwhile, that yellow cutout sweater deserves its own social media following!

Little Mix – Love (Sweet Love)

There is so So SO much going on in this video, I had to freeze-frame it every few seconds to soak up all the couture-ness! Generously styled by Zack Tate and Jamie McFarland (aka @ZackAndJamieStyle) with cast styling by Natalie Roar, this video will have you hitting replay until the damn song itself gets onto your running playlist. [Could be just me.] Proceed with caution. Show yourself some sweet love!

Barbara Pravi – Saute

A Post-Paris notable Eurovision ’21 entry, this chanteuse is proving there is life after narrowly losing the world’s biggest music competion 🙂 The new dynamic video tells a story of a single dress. No, a dress tells a story of a dynamic woman. No, the dress is a metaphor for Life itself with harlequin pattern on lava red. No, it’s a… wear your dress to triathlon day. Anyway, The Dress is designed by Frédéric Baldo. Bravo!

L.E.J. – Summer 2021

Lucie, Elisa and Juliette are known for their jukebox renditions of a season’s greatest hits. Is it then fitting that their musical smorgasbord video is styled by … an app?! CrushOn is a wardrobe (re)sale platform: We connect second-hand trend-setters with fashion activists to lead the vintage revolution with us. Ok then. It seems, artificial intelligence knows “real vintage pieces” when it sees ? sources? codes? them 🙂

Stebin Ben & Asad Khan – Qurbaan

Wanna see a Bollywood musical in four minutes? Styled by Roshni Jain, this video has everything: casual-to-couture costume changes, custom jewelry product placement, torch-lit dance sequences and drone-shot motorcycle rides. No helmets? This marks Style The Beat‘s intro to Indian music video fashion styling. Looking forward to more!

Meanwhile … find your chaos and balance, stay tuned, stay styled!

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BTS – Permission to Dance

Performed at the United Nations General Assembly, this video confirms for the ñ-th time the global “it-ness” of BTS who are on track to do the unfathomable – outsell The Beatles in the UK! However, its restrained styling choices also confirm that world politics are still a monochrome affair. Maybe the UN does need permission to dance?!


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