FSH 6.0 (Fashion Six Point Oh) is a post-paris news and shade round-up delivered each Full Moon. Six stories to dis-en-courage critical thinking, conspicuous consumption and/or unabashed ogling! On the heels of Spring Equinox, here we go…

Flawfull Heist: Nirav Modi vs. Karma

I don’t talk about jewelry, at all. However, this story is pure #gold: billions laundered & squandered, celebrities & secret hideaways, plastic surgery & extradition followed by major media! Diamondaire Nirav Modi was already a Forbes billionaire before he went rogue. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can mess you up for a future Netflix series!

The New “Going Dutch”: Return of Colonial Loot

I have written about the function of museum spaces in the work of White Imagination on colonial nostalgia. It is always welcome news when global North institutions engage in accountability processes with the rest of the world. Netherlands’ top three ethnographic museums have partnered with Rijksmuseum to create national guidelines for restitution of stolen artifacts to countries of origin. First mission: Sri Lanka. Yes, please. And, hurry! 


Bye-bye, Calvin! Bye-bye, Klein!

Y’all know I am vehemently against heritage brands. The LVMH-ization of the industry is the death of Fashion. The wrecking ball of Raf Simmons must’ve knocked some sense into Calvin Klein. This month opened with the closure of its ready-to-wear line. If CK Himself ain’t doing the collections, let them be over with. “The brand’s most profitable categories are underwear and denim, which are produced by third party licensing partners.” It is an interesting experiment in navigating the end-of-life for big brands…

Victoria’s Secret No More: Out With the Same Old

Speaking of universal balance, this story made me facepalm. “Victoria’s Secret has failed to adapt to consumer demand… Although marketing trends in lingerie have changed, the brand has mostly stuck to the same playbook.” The result? Fifty three stores closing (with more trouble on the way). Remarkably, even after all the trade data analysis and critical response, the brand’s marketing remains defiant. The product and representation in its latest promos increasingly position Victoria’s Secret as a niche brand. So be it.


Football! Dance! Fashion! Trifecta @ KORNER Fest

My agenda is marked for February 2020 ’cause I’m livid I’ve missed this event… For the KORNER festival in northern Spain, which explores the intersection of football and culture, Kukai Dantza teamed up with Real Sociedad for a unique dance production. This had all my favorite recreational and professional ingredients in the mix! Check out the making-of video and enjoy #FairPlay!

@StyleTheBeat: They Grow Up So Fast

After nine months in gestation, our #StyleTheBeat series has emerged as its own independent project! Its first post was a fittingly transformative release by Conchita Wurst. Forget the gowns, this time the Phoenix sheds its fiery Eurovision plumage and rises as a dark-electro artist Wurst. Exciting time as stylists get more recognition, including the first comprehensive ranking by Hollywood Reporter! Follow the Beat!

There you have it. FSH 6.0 / FASHION SIX POINT OH. March 21, 2019

Previous editions: #FASHIONSIXPOINTOH

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