I didn’t get that Nicholas Nybro tattoo I mused about last year. But it still ain’t out of the question! The designer staged another baffling feat at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The collection was billed as an homage to the Snow Queen, a grand classic by that ole perv Hans Christian Andersen. Here is how overdone that premise is… Disney had to retool the tale into Frozen, because just adapting Snow Queen was too mainstream for f*cking Disney!

Then again, Nybro does not work in retreat mode! So he brought the full brunt of his toy chest aesthetics and progressive social sensibility to it and scored a meta-win. If Kai is a political prisoner and Gerda is a refugee (which remarkably totally works in today’s newsfeed context), the audience then is an accomplice to (in)justice. Taking sides is often a losing game, but this collection delivered quite a few un-doubtful looks. Those red zipped-over hoodies alone are pièce de résistance! #WishList

There were ascetic black and white pilgrim suits and tunics, gold accents as monuments to loves lost, and scarlet gowns billowed by dreams of futures yet to-be-found. For the record, Wikipedia contains this tidbit: “An opera The Snow Queen was written in 1913 by Slovenian composer Lucijan Marija Škerjanc, but it was lost and never performed.” I hereby petition to update that entry to reflect that luckily, extraordinarily, delightfully in 2016, Danish designer Nicholas Nybro created amazing costumes for it!

I love it. I’m here for it. Hold that ink. Sincerely, Alexey Timbul

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