POP UP THREEWAY: Lafaille, Parloque, Nuvango

No. Maybe. Yes. This season at TOM* three brands took a swing at pop-pop-pop art street style but only one hit the mark. Ready, set, go:

Lafaille … went all Vegas on us: from fear-and-loathing-style sunflowered shirt to hangover 1-2-3 de-re-constructed pants, the mood was holy sh*t what the f*ck happened… While the shredded sleeve fringe on oversize t-shirts made these cool prints wishlist-able, overall the collection sticks to the number one rule of The Strip: what happens on the catwalk, stays on the catwalk. No ace.

Parloque … layered traffic signs, emoticons and cross-cultural references into looks that aimed for urban complexity. I’m reading social mobility, consumerist critique, some-phobia-isms… Concepts got lost in translation and came across as downtown chaos. Barefoot presentation didn’t aid in clearing up the confusion. “Visions cost money”. Right, I ain’t buying. Please, try again.

Nuvango … had me at superdome-boxer-briefs! 🙂 And once again, I’m reminded that crafting a fun-tastic t-shirt (that doesn’t reek of kitsch souvenir stalls) is indeed a contemporary art form that requires bold vision and mad skills. For every beautiful cityscape (that bleeding traffic jam print is priceless), I’m willing to forgive each renaissance re-appropriation effort. Bookmarking e-shop now.



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