Stunned Into Love: Jatin Varma

I heart glamour done right. Red Carpet Convention instructs one to blaze forth with extravagant marie-antoinette-ness or revert to tunic-toga minimalism. However, the truly memorable looks tread the treacherous fine line in-between where the margin of faux pas is razor sharp. Jatin Varma delivers stunning gowns with an aplomb of a veteran tight rope daredevil. Ready, set, jaw drop! Sure, “it’s all been done before:” the peplum bodice, the cascading ruffles, the laser-cut lacework, the balance of extra-volume and see-thru. Yet the “Falling in Love” summer-resort 2015 collection presented at Lakme Fashion Week had such fashion urgency and earnest vigor that… well, it made me want to use the word vigor while talking about clothes. Vigor. Beyond India, Jatin Varma’s creations are in high demand on the Arab trendsetting circuit: Jeddah, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and grand-entrying elsewhere. Yes, please!

Here is more about awesome Indian designers at Lakme Fashion Week (and my cultural myopia) as well as the fun-tastic awesomeness of QuirkBox and Indo-Russian fusion by Neha Agarwal.


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