Today is International Dance Day! Y’all know I love #Dance! Here is the latest half-dozen music videos which inspired me to move and made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next? Tell me 🙂

Florence & The Machine – Free

We haven’t seen such brilliant use of a film elder since Christopher Walken danced his way into pop history in 2010. Bill Nighy delights as Florence’s alter ago / anxiety. The dress by Susie Cave of The Vampire’s Wife and coats from Elena Dawson are styled by Peter Aluuan and Fiona Hicks with additional styling by Valentyn Bren in Kyiv. The spirited video was shot in Ukraine in 2021.

Labrinth – Mount Everest

Mount Everest ain’t got shit on me. Well, if you know ME, I am a Small Mountain. So… I’ve been in love with Labrinth’s ability to style-the-beat since that mustard sweater in Jealous. This stunning video is directed by Tanu Muino, Ukrainian visionary currently filming for every Grammy-nominated artist that matters. Styling by Nadia Czajkowski is giving major Christopher Nolan’s Tenet vibes and I’m all for it.

La Rappresentante di Lista – Ciao Ciao

This Sicilian duo finished seventh at San Remo this year, but made it into our Top Six fair and square. I dare you to sit still through the whole track. Im-pos-si-bl-le!!! [Gesticulates wildly then facepalms] Palermo’s favorite stylist Lorenzo Oddo did an excellent job walking the line between kitsch and homage mixing Madonna’s discography of the 1980’s and those iconic denim-clad CK One ads from the 1990’s.

Samm Henshaw – Joy

Stylist Lily McMurray rose to the massive challenge of creating a single memorable look that could withstand the visual pressure of black and white cinematography while being the focal point in a moving vehicle. A well-tailored suit (and some awesome shades) can appear dated or timeless. The eye of this beholder is filled with pure style-the-beat joy either way.

Fabri Fibra feat. Colapesce & Dimartino – Propaganda

Who knew propaganda could look like this?! Stylist Claudia Mercatanti expertly uses the language of normcore fashion to drive the audience mad while the singer(s) hammer home the point of conformity. Last April my Small Mountain Book Club was reading Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti. The characters from that poignant novel seem to want to escape precisely this version of “Western European” stability.

Lucky Ali – Intezaar

This video invites you to slow-dance (or run!) down your memory lanes chasing that forever-first love. Stylist Divya Runwal has accomplished the improbable. She found a wardrobe eloquent enough to compete for attention with baby goats! Bird sanctuaries, roadside fruit stands, sun-kissed color blocking. Cuteness overload: Tag, you’re it!

Meanwhile … dance like fashion is watching, stay tuned, stay styled!

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