FSH 6.0: Notre Dame Plus Edition

FSH 6.0 (Fashion Six Point Oh) is a post-paris news ‘n shade round-up delivered each Full Moon. Six stories to dis-en-courage critical thinking, conspicuous consumption and/or unabashed ogling! Blessed by this Pink Moon , here we go…

Whose Dame Is This? Hunchback Trigger Warning

The Notre-Dame roof fire has triggered White Imagination on an unprecedented scale. Private donations to “rebuild” the Parisian landmark surpassed one billion euros within 48 hours of the incident. The effort was jump-started by the chairmen of two luxury fashion conglomerates: Bernard Arnault of LVMH and Francois-Henri Pinault of Kering. This developing story exposes a schism in perceptions and priorities between the First World and the World. We’ll circle back to this. For now, here’s a list of seminal artworks inspired by the cathedral (including the Marc Chagall cover image for this post). You may also spend time mourning the destruction of monuments in 63 other countries.


Jason Momoa (literally) Thirst Traps Internet 

Watching Aquaman shave is so unlike watching paint dry… Momoa’s charisma-addicted fans (guilty party of one here!) got to witness his latest transformation up close. The act of shaving can be spiritually cathartic and render one unrecognizable. Using this clearly deeply personal experience to launch an “infinitely recyclable” water brand was kinda awkward, though. Though, trying to do good can get that way. Thirsty if you do, thirsty if you don’t. #Aluminium

Paper Fashion Show: Couture Meets Origami in the Rockies

[Insert a luxury paper cut joke] The 15th edition of Paper Fashion Show, the largest spectacle of its kind, is helping the Rocky Mountains city of Denver re-brand itself from an outdoors gateway into a high altitude fashion capital of USA. The winning look was created by @ArtHouse_Design and impeccably modeled by Amber Dextrous. Give yourself the pleasure of browsing #PFS archives on Colorado’s 303 Magazine. If anyone needs me, I got A4 stacks and a glue gun. Emergency calls only, please.


LACOSTE of Doing Fashion: Branding Extinction

Speaking of French fashion powerhouses raising cash for a cause… Last month, Lacoste dropped  limited release polos with ten critically endangered species in place of its iconic crocodile. This is the second edition of the Save Our Species campaign. The number of shirts corresponded to the known number of surviving animals. The total of 1775 items (retailing for €150-170 each) raised an average of €30,000 per species on the list. While it is undoubtedly something, is it enough?! Who benefit$ more: the Burmese roofed turtles or a brand fighting consistently low sustainability rankings? Curiously, the collaboration was NOT featured on the Lacoste official Instagram.


Embroidery Tattoo: Don’t Mind if I Do (Next)

I know Bored Panda is not a news source, but that’s where I learned about embroidery tattooI’ve got some unorthodox tattoos, but this crossover between body modification practices and fashion craftsmanship got me itching for fresh ink! Do I know anyone who had this done?! Why did y’all keep it secret?! Thanks to Brazilian tattoo artist Duda Lozano (see below), I am moving Sao Paulo (Fashion Week) up on my bucket list.


Make Reading Fashionable Again! 

Vogue test-drove Gigi & Bella Hadid’s book club idea when super-sisters were “spotted” with “brainy accessories”… I too have recommended books and I am all for championing literacy. However, this Independent.ie op-ed resonated with me as well: “...deeming books ‘brainy accessories’ is a summation of the idiocracy we find ourselves leaning towards, and let’s not forget that the Hadids don’t do anything for free – even read.” Reading as corporate homework is not high on my must-do list. What are Y’ALL actually reading now? Let me know on social media or in the comments. When it comes to fashion(able) reading, here’s my influencer shot for a rainy Full Moon.


There you have it. FSH 6.0 / FASHION SIX POINT OH. April 21, 2019

Previous editions: #FASHIONSIXPOINTOH

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