Style The Beat: Fab Music Videos Vol. 3

Here are the next half-dozen recent music videos that made me go wow-now re: their fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who else should I be checking out?! Let me know via Facebook or Instagram, pretty please.

Leona VingativaLixo na Sua Cara!”

This Brazilian web diva’s self-directed “Trash in Your Face” video is the most fierce, ironic, cheeky, critical piece of … environmental activism, urban planning sabotage, gender identity anti-policing?! YES x MILLION …and there is a making-of video!

Lykke LiHard Rain

Lykke Li’s soundscape is layered in longing and rejection. Hauntingly styled by Karolyn Pho and Nayeli de Alba, this story plays out in shapes and textures that appear at once absorbent and reflective: you can see yourself therein before it all is swallowed whole.


Matching outfits for band members ain’t new. However, under Arlindo Camacho‘s art direction, the red dots set against the blue(sy) immensity of the ocean blur the line between Christmas carol & siren song. Portuguese musical hipsterism is looking fresh!

PizzaThat’s alright (Это хорошо)

Shot on stunning locations in Kazakhstan and styled by Aizhan Kalieva, one of my fave Russian bands references iconic Hollywood life-is-what-you-make-it epics. The half-denim coat and a Steve Zissou hat complete the open invitation to adventuredom!

Tiny DeathsAlways

“Here I am making escape plans for a crush that hasn’t happened yet”.  Styled by Liz Gardner (from oh Minneapolis, mon amour), the video shows that clean slate is not a concept applicable to romantic relationships. Or most relationships, for that matter.

UPDATE: “The lyric is actually crash not crush; funny how a small change can change the meaning of the song.” Thanks, Tiny Deaths, for the correction via email. Funny, indeed.


Belgian pop culture wunderkind continues to craft his distinct zeitgeist presence with a vid that’s technically a runway report for Mosaert, a fashion line with partner Coralie Barbier. Choreography and soundtrack (first single in five years!) made it into a digital event all its own. FYI: Mosaert makes great socks (but, what’s with me ‘n damn socks?!)

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