See (No) Color, Crave (No) Flesh: Palermo ’18

What was your first memorable fashion photography image? Who was in it? Who was behind it? My proposal got accepted at the Fashion and Photography: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Project for presentation at the end of June 2018 in Palermo, Italy!

Here is my Post-Paris call for submissions 😊 I’m looking for fashion photographers!

The academic part – “See (No) Color, Crave (No) Flesh: The Eye of the Beholder in Fashion Photography” – will examine representational implications of the notion of the eye of the beholder in fashion photography as codified visual rhetoric of heteronormative whiteness. No breaking news! I was inspired by the ninety-three photographers from the Taschen anthology on the 20th century photography: only 15 women and just 4 honorees (all men) of non-proto-European origin: 3 Japanese artists and one African-American photographer. Thus, the formative oeuvre had been overwhelmingly created from the white male point of view, literally and figuratively. What does it mean for fashion as a tool of identity building and expression?!

The interactive part will highlight fashion photographers (at any point in their career or creative process) whose work and identity foster a different, alternative, counter-hegemonic visual ethos when it comes to fashion imagery. The other-other ninety-three! I am looking for introductions and/or digital portfolio references to fashion photographers from China, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Lebanon and other countries/regions that are entirely missing from the definitive Taschen volume. Primary focus on contributions by women photographers and/or artists of color.

My Palermo interest is driven by curiosity to envision a first rough draft of the 21st Century Photography anthology. Where else could be better to lay the questionable fashion photography past to rest than in the city of the Capuchin Catacombs?!


Reach out and @ alexeytimbul on Facebook and Instagram.

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