Here are five designers who caught my attention at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow in October. For full reviews (and you know me, I don’t hold back or mince words (or meat)!)… just click through to my partners at DEPESHA who have graciously solicited my opinion again. Pics+ below 🙂

  1. Artem Shumov: “The designer refers to himself as an aspiring designer and the disarming modesty is refreshing.” Find out what makes me say so HERE.
  2. Yasya Minochkina: Find out what do Pierre Cardin’s French Riviera estate Palais Bulles by architect Antti Lovag and Ricardo Bofill’s famed La Muralla Roja estate outside Alicante have to do with flower sales in Moscow’s elite suburbs. Click HERE.
  3. Saint Tokyo: “Last season I referred to designer Yury Pitenin as the Sputnik Sweetheart of Moscow fashion scene equating presentation of his collection to following a Haruki Murakami subplot. Apropos: things got spectacularly weirder since.” How weird? Find out HERE.
  4. Sorry I Am Not: “Too bad the younger Bowie is gone and the older Gaga is Country Western now. This type of glorious freak style is in desperate need of its next global icon.” Does the brand make the cut? Find out HERE.
  5. Viva Vox: This could be the collection that begins to heal the Russia-US diplomatic animosity. Or not. Regardless, designer Oleg Ovsiyov makes it abundantly clear who’s (not) the puppet. Are you not the puppet? Whose puppet is it anyway? All the details are HERE.

Here are a few images to wet your appetite… 

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