Valencian Art For Ukraine

This October, Ateneo Mercantil in Valencia is hosting a special exhibition of local artists in support of Ukraine. Ten Valencian artists have donated three works each (with 50 limited edition signed prints available for sale as well). The initiative is expected to raise 90,000 euros for Juntos por la Vida, an organization that works with Ukrainian refugees in Valencia and helps rebuild homes destroyed by Russian airstrikes. Here are the artists and their works.

You can also discover three Ukrainian contemporary artists to follow and support directly at the end of the Valencian report.

Homenaje a Ucrania: illustrator Paco Roca, sculptors Miquel Navarro and Vicente Ferrero, multidisciplinary artists Pilar Carpio and Natividad Navalón, collagist Angela Garcia, graphic designer Pepe Gimeno, and painters José Sanleón and José María Yturralde.

I want to note the works Angela Garcia and Natividad Navalon who use fashion-inspired imagery to tell stories of displacement and resilience. If I had purchasing power, I’d go for that needle-spiked dress print.

Now, here are three Ukrainian contemporary artists to follow & support:

Anton Karyuk makes precious miniature anti-tank hedgehog replicas which you can purchase to finance Ukrainian resistance.

Alesha Stupin draws Charlie Hebdo style daily comics for those who like their satire with an extra sharp edge.

Nikita Kadan is a multidisciplinary artist who has become a documentalist of wartime atrocities using art as a form of witness.

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